I met this girl

I met this girl and she's just great
This girl I just adore

The problem is
she has much more
than i had bargained for

she's got that style
she's got that smile
she's got the walk
she's got that talk
she's got that zing
There's just one thing
She's got a penis

She's got that flare
knows what's aware
she's got that face
that girlish grace
she's got posses...
(to bad) she has... a penis.

It's always some failure
Always some flaw
ain't that what they call Murphy's law
But male genitalia,
that's where i draw the line
Besides hers is bigger than mine

My life so mess
cause under that dress
she's got a pi, i, en, aj, s, YES!

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Ray Jessel - I met this girl